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In Chicago, mosquitoes feast on golfers

From January 2014-August 2014, it has been a very wet year in Chicago because of snowfall or rainfall. On several occasions, enough rain fell in such a short amount of time that it created huge puddles (casual water) on Chicago-land golf courses. Large amounts of casual water permits mosquitoes to breed prolifically.

I photographically captured this mosquito before it could bite me.
© 2000 Vernon Brookins

Mosquitoes are irritatingly abundant on Forest Preserve golf courses. Although these pesky insects are also present on Chicago Park District golf courses, there are fewer rough areas and ponds where they can breed. Golf courses like River Oaks and Arlington Lakes are likely to have more of these critters because of their abundance of ponds.

Chicago’s golfers will see swarms of these biters on themselves and their golf bags near sunset and after sunset. Before sunset, golfers are more likely to fend off a few of them when in the shade rather than in full sunlight. Temperatures are major considerations in determining if these bugs will appear; they will certainly be around when temperatures are warmer than 80 degrees F.

Mosquitoes are probably prevalent on every continent except Antarctica. Golf courses certainly exist in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, so where there are golf courses, there are golfers as food for mosquitoes.

In Earth’s, Carboniferous period, swamps probably covered most or all of North America. You can bet that there were lots of mosquitoes. (Some of these may have been one foot long.) Chicago’s Field Museum should have at least one exhibit concerning Earth’s, geological periods.)

Chicago-land stores have products to repel mosquitoes. One of these is Deep Woods Off!, which SC Johnson manufactures. In addition, many golf pro shops sell mosquito repellent in small packages that cost less than $2.00.

Various cultures will eat beetles and chocolate-covered ants. However, nowhere have you heard of societies creating mosquito sandwiches, right? (Are these bugs salty?)

This year, mosquitoes on Chicago-land golf courses are more irritating than slow-playing golfers. They are peskier than Canada Geese; Canada Geese rarely bit humans. These insects are more irksome than golfers searching more than five minutes for their lost golf balls. Mosquitoes with mustaches would be anthropomorphically galling. Mosquitoes with muskets would be infuriatingly dangerous. Mosquitoes with hair that had mousses would be very, very strange.

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