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In case you don't know, here are the latest headlines and links for LAUSDeasy

UTLA Urges ‘Teacher Jail’ For LAUSD Chief Amid iPad, MISIS Probes

Supt. Deasy's early and avid support of iPads under intense scrutiny

LA schools' woes with enrollment system continue

LAUSD abruptly cancels $1-billion iPad program

Lawmaker Calls For DA To Probe ‘Suspicious’ LAUSD iPad Rollout

LA schools Supt. Deasy defends his dealings with Apple, Pearson

Report: $2M Worth Of LAUSD iPads, Computers Unaccounted For

Deasy on his critics: Constant attacks are ‘politically motivated’

You say unbelievable; I say expected.

You say how can this happen? I say there is no accountability.

You ask how can the Board of Education let this happen? I say we elected the seven members to serve the students of LAUSD, but instead they serve the Superintendent and his masters Broad and Gates.

Whatever Deasy wants, Deasy gets!

He will be forced out, but not by the Board, but by public opinion. He will earn a large payout, just like Admiral Brewer did.

Then he will be snapped up by a computer manufacturer, a publisher or the Department of Education.

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