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In 'Beetle Bailey' Ms. Buxley seems to be losing battle of the bulge

Ms. Buxley, one of the comic's most vivacious characters, keeps putting on weight
Ms. Buxley, one of the comic's most vivacious characters, keeps putting on weight

As one of the most vivacious characters on the funnies page, Ms. Buxley has always had curves. These days, they seem to be expanding.

Take a gander at today's episode of "Beetle Bailey," in which the coquettish office assistant of Camp Swampy seems to be showing her age (at least 64, by our reckoning) and the after-effects of an eating regimen that likely includes seconds on mashed potatoes, SPAM and pecan pie.

When did the va-va-va-voomiest persona in newspaper comics develop a gut?

Is Ms. Buxley the victim of slowing metabolism? Has her recent romantic alliance with the lazy Beetle Bailey curbed her appetite for fitness whilst increasing it for Funyuns?

It's not as if this is the first time we've raised questions about the character's weight. Just last November, as Thanksgiving passed, Ms. Buxley looked as if she had ingested an entire turkey, giblets and all. And in 2011, we thought we'd noticed Ms. B looking a little more, um, broad in the beam.

Look, you can't blame the woman if she wants to eat a little more. If we were yoked to such needy oddballs as Beetle, General Halftrack and Sgt. Snorkel, we'd likely want to drown our sorrows in a vat of onion dip, too. But if the lady can't regain control over her appetites, a legion of comic-strip observers may go elsewhere for their thrills. Already, June Morgan has been trying to steal Ms. Buxley's spotlight.

A little more exercise and a little less time spent with Private Bailey ought to get Ms. Buxley back where she ought to be.

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