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In Atlantic City serial murders, a new lead, a solid connection

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A connection between the Atlantic City serial murders and those being investigated In Long Island, New York runs through murder victim Kim Raffo, a prostitute who was in both places during a serial killer rampage in 2006.

In the month before Raffo’s strangled body was found in Atlantic City, she spent five weeks in a Jericho motel only 25 miles from Gilgo Beach. Up to 10 bodies were found on the beach, they too appear to be murder victims.

Raffo may have known her killer and according to L.I. police, they may now have a solid lead.

Raffo worked as a prostitute in Atlantic City and possibly during her days on Long Island. She had grown tired of her life and addiction to crack cocaine, according to her estranged husband Huge Auslander, who took her to Jericho. They wanted to get their children back from foster care, he said. They argued and Raffo left on a bus back to Atlantic City, according to Auslander. She was never heard from again.

Her body was found three days after her murder behind the Golden Key Motel. The location is known as a place where prostitutes and drug dealers see their customers. Her grave became a drainage ditch behind the hotel on a dark and grim service road. She was laid out with three other murdered prostitutes. Her shoes had been taken and her face was turned towards Atlantic City.

The similarities between the cause of death, strangulation, and the number of victims laid out in a graveyard style senario, has not been lost on investigators who are not even sure if they have found all the murder victims to date on Long Island.

Authorities are now questioning whether the killer used several methods of murder and display in order to confuse authorities or if more than one murderer is involved in the gruesome discoveries.

Auslander, a carpeter who traveled between Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and Brooklyn, looking for work returned to Atlantic City after Raffo’s body had been discovered. He posed before a makeshift cross at the location of the motel in west Atlantic City.

The Atlantic, Suffolk and Nassau county investigation teams in N.J. and N.Y. are seeking any information that could lead them to the capture of this killer or killers. If you have information, please contact authorities.