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In anticipation of the 2014-15 school year for all

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Twas the night before school start up and all around towns

Students were singing and making jolly sounds

In Stuart and Vero, from Fort Pierce to WPB

Students had visions of how the new school year might be.

For on Monday, August 18th along PBC and the Treasure Coast,

teachers, principals and school staff will again play host

to all of the families and their children alike,

who trust in their leadership and see them as bright lights.

Moms and dads have taken advantage of the state’s recent no tax

to provide their children with pencils, paper and back packs.

In some counties like Martin, the superintendent has said,

“Students Bring Your Own Digital so you can stay ahead”.

In St. Lucie, school district employees chipped in

to help the community to have a big win

and laid out a plan so that 4,500 students

could start school with supplies needed once again.

Indian River’s Educational Foundation is always astounding

with their Sneaker Exchange and the whole county’s involvement

in Tools for Learning that they provide each year,

the parents and students all give them a great cheer.

Palm Beach County provided an Educational Expo

to help guide students and parents to know

of all of the advantages they have at hand

in order for their children to take a grand stand.

So it seems we are all up to snuff

with providing our students with all the right stuff

that money can provide, yes that is a good thing---

but the students’ achievements are what make our hearts sing.

So let us all in the communities and towns, stand behind our schools,

our principals, our teachers and our students to perform and produce

abilities and skills in preparation and selection

of good steady jobs and careers across the nation.

With the new Florida Standards Assessments program in place beginning in the 2014-15 school year, we face in Florida schools the future with high hopes and great expectations that we can do and be what we want to be if we work for it relentlessly with due diligence and with hope and reassurance that it can be done--- that our students can prosper and be in good health with safety assured by those that care for the complete child/student. We are going into battle, and we can and we will win for now and the future through educating the mind, the body and the spirit with hope and a firm foundation to continually grow in prosperity and goodwill.