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In America: the Farm-to-Table Movement

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Hearing the phrases “farm-to-table,” “food as art,” or even “molecular gastronomy,” haven’t you often wondered “what the heck does this really mean?” I know I have. Well, these phrases refer to an interest in locally produced food and then bringing that food to local consumers. It may be associated with sustainable agriculture, organic farming and agriculture that is community-supported. In many cases, these phrases do little to actually explain what this movement is all about.

Now comes Farm Star Living, guaranteed to shine a spotlight in this back-to-basics but seemingly new way of looking at, thinking about, and enjoying the very foods we eat. Farm Star Living ( is a new lifestyle brand that celebrates American farming and farmers. What a novel idea, and one that’s way overdue. A new app has been launched on this site that provides quick and easy access to hundreds of Farm-to-Table restaurants in major cities throughout the U.S. as well as countless farms open to the public for exciting activities and fun.

Whether you’re seeking a great night out at a quality restaurant supporting local communities and their farmers or Farm Fun, geared towards the adventurous in spirit as well as families seeking wholesome entertainment, this app is the go-to place to find it all. There’s information to plan day trips to farms that offer cafes, corn mazes, farmers’ markets, petting zoos, hay rides, and farm tours including cattle ranches, pick-it-orchards, organic farms, bee farms, dairy farms and more.

As an adult, Founder Mary Blackmon left her hometown to pursue a more citified lifestyle; then in 2008, she inherited her family farm and had the choice of selling it – or keeping it in the family. She calls it a no-brainer. She explains that when she took over the farm, she felt the disconnect between farmers and the people they serve, and she wanted to help bridge that gap to make farmers more accessible.Voila! Farm Star Living was born. Blackmon tells us “I’m thrilled to bring what I deem a ‘farming lifestyle’ center stage and am proud to celebrate the American Farmer in a way that’s both exciting and fun for everyone.” We say Amen to t



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