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In America, food threatens life

Nearly half of the people in the world do not have enough food. According to the United Nations that number amounts to around, "842 million," who each day don't know where their next meal is going to come from.

The rise of obesity in America is rising, mostly built on poor food choices
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And the United States, one of the supposed richest countries in the world, hunger is not an unknown commodity. A recent MSN news article states, "1 in 5 Americans" or nearly, "18 million households," didn't have enough to eat in 2012 and the hunger problem has gotten worse since then.

In a nation where so many are going hungry, it is ironic for so many others the poor food choices they make each day are threatening their lives. Obesity in the United States has progressed to epidemic proportions. In 2012 the CDC estimated over 35% of American adults & 17% of children were obese and the number is rising.

Obesity does not discriminate. Obesity is rampant among both younger and older Americans. For younger Americans being overweight means they may not live to see their old age because of the onset of many weight related diseases. For older Americans being overweight means they may not live through a healthy later years of their lives.

There are a number of reasons for the rise in the obesity rate but one of the main reasons is food, lots of food. Not only that but lots of the wrong kinds of food, and lots of processed and high calories snack foods.

First, many Americans, eat too much food. Americans love to eat, eat and eat.The popularity of smorgasbord type restaurants attest to this very fact. Each day Americans consume large portions of foods which are high in fats and calories. One trip to a sit down restaurant may mean consuming more calories in one meal then a person needs in a whole day.

Second, the types of food Americans eat has gone from organic to frozen and processed. The stores are full of prepackaged processed foods which with the touch of a button on the microwave or oven can be prepared and eaten in minutes. The problem with many of these foods is not only are they high in calories and low in nutrients, they are high in a lot of additives and preservatives which are not good for the body. These foods lead to extra pounds being packed on. Add into this the amount of snack food Americans consume and it spells to many calories.

Third, Americans have developed a love for fast food. Drive down any highway, in any metropolitan area and count the number of fast food restaurants which line both sides of the street. Inside each of these restaurants, each year, is served millions if not billions of high calorie, super sized meals which Americans are consuming at an alarming rate.

In America the love of these wrong kind of foods threatens many lives. The cure for the epidemic of obesity has been around for years, it consists of two major components, eat less, eat right and exercise. Getting into shape is a tough mountain to climb but for both the young and old their is healthier future free of the diseases, like diabetes and heart disease.

The news is not new but here it comes again to lose weight, Americans need to switch their high calorie diets and to include more of the good foods, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Add in some exercisse and it is the start of a healthier lifestyle.

Also for a little added incentive to losing weight, take some of the money saved from not eating out or not buying all the processed food and give it to a food bank where they can use it to feed those who don't have enough food.

Mature living is all about lifestyle choices, which includes making the right choices when it comes to eating.

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