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In a Southern state of mind, southern hospitality relish in it

In a Southern state of mind, southern hospitality relish in it
In a Southern state of mind, southern hospitality relish in it
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The people of the South fill my soul with their graciousness and open hearts, something that Northerners just do not impose. A provacative sense of genuine calm and inner peace devolves and eternally exudes from Southerners, and simply is not found in other parts of the country.

The feet of a Southerner are firmly planted

Magnolias in the heart and soul of the south it’s no complicated thing to feel connected to the earth and it’s being and it is a serene constant state of mind ‘chillax.’ People are into people. Complete strangers are no longer strangers because at the heart of a Southerner is a friend you simply just haven’t met yet. When they talk to you, they are not ‘talking around you’ or just to enough to get by you and on to the next thing. They take they time, they really want to hear and know your story.

Inner-connectedness, it’s strictly open door policy here

There is always time to ‘smell the roses,’ sip a glass of sweet tea, to tell a story and to be deeply thoughtful. It’s all about taking the time and taking the time to listen is an acquired art. Most people are so busy breaking in to and interrupting other people’s conversations. They are so intent on speaking their own say they have not taken the time to listen and hear the inner tinkling of the other person’s soul answering ’The Call’ of their own inner tinkling. Not so in The South. If your soul is tinkling then they are very near and you can be certain you are very dear.

All you have to do is be someone who cares

I suppose they care in The North, but it’s a different kind of caring, its disconnected its not as endearing. Don’t get me wrong The North is not ‘cold and calculated’ there are some good people, good for the soul people sprinkled in amongst the disconnected. Honestly those who find themselves planted in The North with a Southern ‘state of mind’ are usually from The South in some way state or form.

The further north you get the more ‘unsweet’ the tea gets

Maybe it’s something only someone who has been living in The South would notice, but sweet tea is not the same in The North. It’s bland and leaves a lot to be desired, it’s not brewed with love using tea bags and a carefully watched pot.

They have tea makers, tea brewing machines, which just like those bread making machines, suck the soul right out of the whole idea of sweet tea. Not to mention homemade with love instead of slapped into a mechanical machine begrudgingly. You can forget the sweet in The North. The sweet in sweet tea to them is the devil himself, and should be left out altogether. If you happen to purchase sweet tea and you find it is not sweet enough, in one of those Northern restaurants, be prepared to have extra packets of sugar thrown at you and to be treated as if you are ‘the plague’ itself.

In The South sweet tea only gets sweeter and a little love goes a long way, and the sweet tea is sipped wholeheartedly; not feared and never condemned. People in The North will hang you out to dry over the subject, while at the same time defending their right to drink cokes by the dozen and in liters.

The state of sweet tea says it all

The further south you get the sweeter the tea and the same goes for the people. If The North is to be compared to their sweet tea state of mind, they leave a lot to be desired. The further north you get the drier, less engaging and more tuned off people seem to be to one another. They honestly seem to come together when a state of urgency or catastrophe presents itself. Even then it seldom lingers for long and after a few months its back to the cold people business as usual. Southerners are charming and more engaging.

Store clerks are to ‘assist you only’ in The North

In The South you can carry on a full blown conversation with each and every single one, and know all about what’s going on with them too. Not so in up North. If you smile and try to make conversation with any store clerk in your path , most and I mean over 75-percent of them will stare at you blankly and you can forget a reply. You can say all you want, from two words to a full on conversation, and the reply will be the same as they hand your bag over to you. Are they too busy? Not likely, with attitudes like that, for who would frequent any kind of establishment who would hire employees like that. But it seems it is the way of their world, too busy to care.

The South loves dogs

“Is that a Jack Russel? Your dog is beautiful.” Before I had my Jack Russel I had two black Labrador retrievers. I was on the streets of Gatlinburg, Tennessee with my family, and we had brought one lab with us to quickly retrieve something from one of the stores. Before I knew it we were completely surrounded by beings young and old, male and female of the “southern draw” variety, who admired our dog “Bear.” “What do you put on him to make him so shiny,” hunting dog stories, cuddle up dog stories, lonesome companion stories, good dog stories, and from each of those people Bear got lots of real love and affection. Everyone one of those people stooped down or even sat on the ground next to him and met him on his ground and gave love to him.

In The North dogs are to be seen and the less heard the better. If you can keep them from being seen in more places bravo. Having a dog in The North is like smoking in a restaurant next to an offended non-smoker,”Man have you got some nerve!”

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