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'In A Child's Name' true story of Teresa Taylor-Kenneth Taylor

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"In A Child's Name" is movie based on the true-story murder of Teresa Taylor aka Theresa Taylor and Kenneth 'Ken' Taylor. The crime drama first debuted as a two-part miniseries on CBS on Sunday, November 17, 1991. The second part aired on Tuesday, November 19, 1991. The true-crime movie is based on the book "In A Child's Name" by Peter Maas. It stars Valerie Bertinelli and Michael Ontkean.

"In A Child's Name" synopsis/plot

When a woman's sister ends up dead, she is determined to bring her brother-in-law to justice. In the meantime, she becomes embroiled in a fierce battle with her in-laws over custody of her dead sister's children.

The movie contains themes of courtroom-legal issues, family violence, murder, true crime and child custody.

This fact-based movie was inspired by the 1984 murder of a woman who was brutally killed by her husband. According to court records, Kenneth Taylor, a local dentist, killed his wife, Teresa Taylor, during a domestic dispute. Taylor was later convicted of killing his wife.

The movie was told from the perspective of Teresa Taylor's sister, Celeste Benigno aka Celeste White.

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