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In a 'blink of an eye'

Ted Dekker
Ted Dekker


Ted Dekker is best known for novels that combine the battle of good and evil, unimaginable plot lines, irrevocable self-sacrifice, along with unforgettable personalities. Living in Texas, Dekker, with his wife and two of his four children, left the corporate life and began to fulfill a life-long desire to write. He is a New York Times best-seller with more than twenty novels in print. Dekker's heart-pounding suspense-filled writing is so hard to put down. His explorative technique of sharing his Christian faith, within the writings, is so intriguing. With more than 3.4 million of his books sold, two of his novels Three and House have been made into movies, with more to follow.

Blink of an Eye is one of Ted Dekker's most engaging supernatural thrillers. The novel introduces Seth Borders, a main charater, having an extraordinarily high IQ. Quite suddenly, he is gifted with the ability to see "blinks" of potential futures. Then Miriam, a beautiful Saudi Arabian princess emerges. She is running away from a forced marriage and while fleeing the arrangement, Seth and Miriam's worlds collide. Seth is compelled to help Miriam escape from those who would kill her for her rebelliousness. There are intense, somewhat violent scenes within the pages and may be a little too gruesome for a few.  Reminding one of the plight of Muslim women, it's hard at times to read of the oppresssion Miriam could face if caught.

Seth's unbelief in God is tested, when he is forced to call out in prayer in his desperation. What will he find out about God? Is it enough for he and Miriam to "live happily ever after" without acknowledging the One who orchestrated their salvation from sordid enemies. Seth and Miriam may have manipulated the present to influence the potential futures in many situations, but does the outcome really rely on them or the God that loves them with an everlasting love?