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IMUSA's seven-piece wok makes cooking easier


Stir fry dinners are one of the easiest and healthiest ways to make a great tasting dish. Simply combine fresh vegetables with your choice of protein and cook it in a simple sauce and voila, dinner is served, but we have learned all woks were not created equal.

Take for example, IMUSA’s seven-piece nonstick wok set. Available at Target, this set combines everything you would need to prepare a great tasting Asian inspired dish.

One evening, we made a chicken and vegetable stir fry dish combining them with a light soy ginger sauce. The nonstick surface and deep pan (10 cup capacity) made it simple to not only cook but also clean after we were done (do not place in dishwasher).

The carbon steel 14” pan can be used over high heat so just a minimal amount of oil is needed. Another feature we love is the stay cool handles that never elevate to a high temperature.

The seven-piece set is a great beginning start to cooking Asian cuisine. It includes all of the essentials like the wok, wire rack, cooking chopsticks, bamboo spoon, tongs, bamboo turner and spatula.

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