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IMUSA's pressure cooker makes cooking faster and easier


Cooking dinner shouldn’t take forever to make a delicious meal. Instead of slow roasting or crock pot meals that take hours for dinner to be served, we are loving IMUSA’s Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker.

What makes this unit so unique is that the food is cooked in record time without sacrificing the taste and quality of the food. Pressure cooking typically involves using some type of liquid or water in a sealed container where air cannot escape. The food is then heated and cooked through the steam buildup from the boiling liquid, which results in juicier food.

This cooker also has the ability to cook dishes at a higher temperature. While the boiling point is 212 degrees Fahrenheit in an open area, the sealed tight pressure cooker can reach temperatures up to 250 degrees as the liquid is trapped in the confined area.

The six-quart stainless steel unit has two pressure levels (low and high) and can be used to prepare everything from beans and soups to chili and any other dishes that require braising or simmering, but all prepared in record reduced time.

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