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IMUSA's kitchen utensils make cooking fun


Nothing says summer quite like some good old fashioned home cooking. IMUSA knows how to do it right and has an array of cooking utensils designed to make cooking a home a fun experience.

Everyone loves corn on the cob during the summer and it tastes even better when cooked on the grill and the best way to get a handle on them is with IMUSA’s corn skewers. If you are frying up fresh seafood, be sure to check out the Bamboo Spider Skimmer and if you are simply looking to crush some fresh herbs to top off a dish, don’t miss the large wood mortar pestle. Here are our picks for some great must-have accessories this summer:

The IMUSA corn skewers are the perfect way to make grilled Mexican street corn this summer. Better known as ‘elotes,’ the popular street food is made of grilled corn with condiments like salt, chili powder, butter, cheese, lemon/lime juice, and sour cream (or crema). After dinner, you can also use these skewers to make candied/caramel apples, or to use when making fondue! Each package contains 50 wood skewers.

We love the IMUSA Bamboo Spider Skimmer when frying up our favorite seafood this summer. What makes it so unique is its stay-cool bamboo handle and super wide metal mesh strainer that allows the grease to drain through. This tool can also be used for lifting dumplings, wontons, and tempura from your wok.

One of our favorite accessories this season is the IMUSA wood mortar & pestle, which is ideal for crushing fresh herbs and spices. It’s super easy to use – just add the spices, and grind and comes in two sizes (small and large).

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