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Imus show apologizes; Christians cry foul

 Radio personality Don Imus speaks at the 2010 AFTRA AMEE Awards
Radio personality Don Imus speaks at the 2010 AFTRA AMEE Awards
Photo by Larry Busacca

According to a January 15 article on in the Bangor Daily News; a regular on the Don Imus show has apologized for saying that Satanists should be shot. Bernard McGuirk, a long time Imus side kick, made his comments on the January 9 program.

The Imus in the Morning show originally aired in 1971. The show enjoyed an incredible 36 year run; before being cancelled. In between, the show had to defend itself on several occasions and to downplay comments that others deemed offensive.

Imus and company used phrases such as “Jew bastard” and “greedy little Jew” to describe others; according to Wikipedia. After, a repentant Imus would offer a heartfelt apology, and often promise change.

Some Christians were not amused at the latest Imus controversy.

“The Don Imus show has created one controversy after another. When they’ve gotten their last laugh; they offer a hallow apology, and promise to do better. Then it’s off to the next victim! The Holy Bible tells us that sin is committed when you know the right thing to do, and don’t do it. Imus has done this dance before; but nothing changes.”

McGuirk is no stranger to controversy. In 2007, he referred to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “ho’s.” He later apologized.

What are your thoughts about the comments made by McGuirk?

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Source: Bangor Daily News

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