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Improving Your Shopping Cart for a Better Online Website

While internet allows users to come to your website and do business without bothering to get out of their bedrooms, it also gives them more choices. When they have more choices they are more likely to move away from your website if something bothers them. One of the essential aspects of online e-commerce websites is their shopping cart. Shopping cart is not just trolley icon for your customers. Your sales and rejection of sales depend on how your shopping cart looks and how helpful it is for your customers. Here are some features that you must include in your shopping cart to better market yourself online:

Make It Faster

Use softwares that are known for speedy loading times. If you look at the online graphs of the reasons why people leave the website before buying something you will find out that slow loading pages and shopping carts are some of the most common reasons. A huge number of people abandon the idea of buying a product in the middle of the process because they are not feeling comfortable with the shopping cart. This is one of the most painful ways for any business to lose sales and customers.

Don’t Be Afraid of Telling the Price

It is always highly recommended that you tell the prices of the products separately, combined and including taxes and other charges. This will give an idea to your customer as to how much he’s going to end up paying. Hiding the costs will not help instead it will put your customer in doubts about continuing with the procedure. Dedicate the right side of the page of your shopping cart to telling the prices of whatever’s in the shopping cart. Provide pictures of the products that are included in customer’s shopping cart so he doesn’t end up buying a wrong product.

Use Right Colors, Size and Placements

You will wonder but it’s true that the color and size of the call to action buttons on your shopping cart matter a lot. Some colors are appealing and enticing while others push customers away. Use the best fonts, colors and placements for call to action buttons and you will notice the difference in number of sales and conversions. Don’t forget to use the attractive and striking words on buttons such as “buy now”, “click to order”, “add to cart” etc. Make these buttons bold, visible and big enough for customers to take notice.

User-friendly Navigation

Customers keep on changing their mind about what to buy and what to exclude from their chart. They might move back and forth on product and checkout pages. Make it easier for them by providing a list of all products and number of available products on the left hand side. With one click on any item from this menu the visitor will be able to look at his desired product. It will not take him navigate through dozens of pages to reach the product he’s just thought of adding to his cart. The process becomes faster and opportunities of conversions increase. It would be best to hire a web design company, for instance Live Transfers, which will design your website as well as provide help with getting leads, such as annuity, insurance, roofing live transfer leads, etc. By this, you will have a professional website and will also gain more business.

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