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Improving your business website

These days, a company's Internet presence is as important as their physical
location. But many small and independent businesses still face stumbling
blocks when designing their web sites, and their image can suffer in the

The essential elements of a business website by getty images

You'll going to need a good business plan, some writing and creative design skills (or a person who can do this), organizing and coordinating skills (or a person who can also do this) and a degree of salesmanship.

Here are a few helpful ideas while avoiding some common mistakes:

1. Make Your Business Interesting In Print-Keep the language concise and add
a healthy dose of personality when writing about the company. Write as though
you're having a conversation with your online customers.

2. Use A Regular Font-Stick with the standard ones (such as Times New
Roman, size 12). Yes, you DO want the potential customer's attention, but you
also don't want to appear desperate or silly (or do you?). If your text is
professional looking and is a compelling read, they will come!

3. Use Ads Sparingly-Ads are a great source of extra revenue, but don't
overwhelm your customers with them (Too many can distract from the main

4. Use Your Own Pictures-Show photos of your personnel or family members
(if they're working with or for you). I would also add pictures that vividly
illustrate your products and/or services in a unique way (perhaps with a
humorous caption). People will take note!

5. Stay Current-Some online innovations can also greatly improve upon and
add to your customer base, such as streaming videos. This is a form of media
that is constantly received by and displayed to the end-user while it's being
delivered by the provider. The name refers to the delivery method of the media.
Radio and television are two examples of this; a book is not.

6. Develop an App-A strong Web presence is essential for many of today's businesses; but business owners can now go one step further and create their own smartphone or tablet app (an app can allow your customers to peruse the merchandise, place orders on-the-go, perform a variety of other tasks related to your business without using a computer and introduce your business to literally an entire world of new potential customers).

App source: “Ideas to grow your business”-MetroServices-The (Sunday) Vindicator, Feb. 23, 2014

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