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Improving reading comprehension globally

Melissa Woodforlk
Melissa Woodforlk
Melissa Woodforlk

Students lack reading comprehension skills worldwide. Reading comprehension is the ability for a student to be able to understand what they have read. It is an important skill that is taught beginning in elementary school and is an ongoing process throughout education. When students are not able to comprehend what they have read, it presents a major problem in being able to develop this skill for mastery to advance from one grade level to the next.

Students, who lack reading comprehension skills, struggle throughout their education. For these students, teachers and parents need the following skills in order for them to become successful readers: patience, creativity, flexibility, compassion, and perseverance. By combining these skills and by using a variety of textbooks, library books, audio books, computer programs, and games will help them improve their reading comprehension skills. In addition, by giving these students authentic positive praise encourages them to achieve their goals of becoming successful readers.

To improve students’ reading comprehension skills and achieve academic success overall, they need to practice by doing the following: preview, question, read aloud, reflect, discuss, and review. These students need to access prior knowledge, what they already know, prior to reading. They need to ask and answer questions about what they are reading: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Students also need to talk about what they are reading: the beginning, the middle, the end, including summarizing. By doing this on a daily basis and consistently, this will help in improving and mastering these skills. Please be sure to click on the educational links below for additional assistance and reading comprehension worksheets.

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