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Improving Job Search with Reachable Goals

It is summer now, and most people feel it is a time to relax and enjoy yourself and the weather around, but if you are unemployed looking for a job, it is hard to relax and go sunbathing with light heart. And if you are constantly looking for jobs available in San Francisco, you should remember that summer is not really the height of the hiring season, but you should still set goals that would help you with your job search during warm months.
If you feel you are going to hit the wall in your efforts as you will most likely try to reach and impress HRs that are on vacation at the moment, keep in mind that companies hire workers all year round, so you better stay focused on the jobs meeting your needs and qualifications.
Define Your Goals
The temptation to cast a wide net when looking for the job is pretty hard, but you have more chances of finding a position for you if you focus on just couple key industries or positions that suit in your skills set and needs. Most companies are looking for the employees that are qualified specifically for the entry they need to fill, and who will be able to hit the ground running, and not someone who claims to be a jack of all trades but in fact knows nothing and has to be trained for the work.
Be a strategic job seeker – pick the field you are interested to work in, hone the skills you have and show the potential employers out there how you can contribute to their business.
Customize Résumés and Cover Letters
One of the inseparable things to your job search is your résumé and cover letter, and one of the best pieces of advice you can follow to improve your job search is targeting these pieces. Make sure your résumé and the cover letter are not only targeted to the position you are applying for, but at the same time it highlights your skills and accomplishments, showing you are the best candidate for the job. To do that try using the keywords you find in job opening description – this will help you pop out in the online tracking system. Make sure you use online résumé builder to make a standout one.
Boost your visibility with the help of networking
When the hiring managers and recruiters are asked about the best strategy for the successful job search, eight people out of ten will tell you it is networking. In order to succeed in your search, make sure you have a strong professional presence in social media, as well as strong personal network with people who can help you in your job search and provide you with right sources.

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