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Improving emotional health

People who have good emotional health are aware of their emotions. They are able to respond to stress as a normal part of life.

But many things, as discussed in a previous article, may disrupt the peace of mind you already have. Such symptoms as back pain, chest discomfort, GERD, dry mouth, fatique, high B/P, insomnia, and shortness of breath, all and more are among the symptoms you may endure.

Individuals may ask: how may I improve my emotional health?

The following are some suggestions:

1. Be open to feelings and know your feelings and thoughts. Willingness to express emotions is important, at least with God and a few confidants. Also, sometimes, going to an outsider such as a psychologist or minister is a good idea.

2. Embrace life. Try to live a balanced life with varied activity and friendship, and counsel. Incorporate alone time. See if you are able to have a positive outlook.

3. Have perseverance, develop resilience, and fortitude. These are qualities that tide you over in rough times. This includes having a positive self image, social support, and focusing on the positive things in life.

4. Develop calm and quiet in your environment. Relaxation is necessary-some form of meditation may be helpful.

5. Develop habits of taking care of yourself.

Once again, this is based on my own wisdom and study and my opinions.

6. Include a spiritual life in yourself.

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