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Improve your workout with a pre-workout snack

Working out on an empty stomach? Don’t.

According to department of biology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, your time at the gym will be much more effective if you have a small snack beforehand. Here are some great ways to get your nutrients in that won’t sabotage your diet but will give you the energy you need to create more muscle.


- A handful of raisins. Sun-Maid makes 100 calorie raisin boxes that are perfect for snacking.

- A banana. Not only are they 100 to 115 calories, but they’re high in potassium.

- Wheat toast and peanut butter. 150 calories.

- Granola Bar. 100 to 200 calories. Just keep an eye on the sugar content.

- Raw almonds. 170 calories for 1 oz. (about 22). They have a high protein count and will fill you up.


Try to eat an hour before your workout so that you are less likely to have stomach cramps.