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Impressions: Monoprice IPS-ZERO-G, 2560x1440 Monitor

Monitor screens and game screenshots in 2560x1440 (Note: pic size was compressed to upload).
Monitor screens and game screenshots in 2560x1440 (Note: pic size was compressed to upload).

No longer is 1080p the go-to res option. At least, that’s one company’s thinking and they have the product to back it up.

The new high definition standard for PC

The hardware manufacturing business is a competitive market to say the least. PC components are upgraded almost every 6 months. Smart businesses keep afloat by not only making quality products, but heeding to the feedback from consumers to optimize quality production. One such company does just that, Monoprice’s 27” IPS-Zero-G monitor is the result. A standout product well suited for tech enthusiasts.

In December of last year, the IPS-Zero-G hit the market at $390, respectively. It had all the bells and whistles you’d want from a high quality monitor priced below $400. That’s not to say, it didn’t come with a few shortcomings. Associate product manager, Chris Apland told me by March they went back to the drawing board: “We changed everything. Pretty much every complaint that there was, we addressed.”

Model 2 of the IPS-ZERO-G, launched in June around E3. This version has a full metal casing, removable stand, extra port, brighter screen, stronger warranty (1 year), all at the same $390 price tag. Additionally, the IPSZG can be stood vertically as oppose to the standard horizontal position. The idea behind this option? Games. Most titles with a large field of view, like Planetside 2 or Hawken, requires a lot of vertical pixels, which cannot be fully visualized in the landscape perspective. Running your game in ultra high vertical illustrates this clarity. Naturally you’ll need special hinges to prop the monitor into this position, thankfully Monoprice sells those too.

As far as resolution goes, 2560x1440 is the real merit for the price. While most consumers are imbedded with 1080p ads, Monoprice is setting a new standard for movie and game res and it begins with 1440. No longer is it unaffordable and the IPSZG proves this. There’s also plans to move into ultra high def 4kx2k, “hopefully by the end of the year,” Monoprice says.

With 1080p monitors varying in affordability, why push to the next bar of high resolution? “I think we should be expecting more from our manufacturers." says Chris Apland. "The biggest issues being, the standard price people are paying for video cards are about $200 bucks. Why spend $300 on a 1080p monitor when your card can easily handle 1440, 1600p and in some cases, playback 4kx2k just fine.” It’s a backwards investment that’s becoming less attractive, especially with Monoprice’s philosophy and product line to boot.

With monitors, seeing is believing and the IPS-Zero-G offers beautiful clarity to games and movies I watch on screen now. You’ll need a decent video card to match the resolution, but it’s well worth the investment. Other notable highlights include an adjustable angle for viewing preference, 16:9 aspect ratio and accessible buttons on the right backside of the panel.

Bottomline: Monoprice has delivered an excellent grade product for a more than reasonable price. Video games and movies look spectacular on its sleek, flat panel design. The warranty speaks for itself, and again, the price is virtually unbeatable. Step aside 1080p, there's a new resolution in town.


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