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Impressionistic image of a vernal pool.

Impressionistic view of the vernal in Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.
Impressionistic view of the vernal in Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.
Photo by Bill McCracken

Vernal pools produce great reflections for the photographer to capture. This pool draws the eye into its powerful reflections of the bare trees. The use of vertical lines produces the impression of subjects being tall. Vertical lines also convey the sensation of stalwartness and strength.
In this photograph areas of light and dark are the balancing factors and not the rule of thirds. The light areas alone do not have more balance over the dark areas but the dark area has small details of leaves and branches to draw your attention. The treetops reflect in the water with all the details of leaves and reflected bark detail in them. The trees in the background were cropped because the more interesting features are in the water. Enough background was included to give the pool a feeling of dimension and place. The pool is in a wood lot that disappears in the distance. The end result is an impressionistic image of early spring.
This image can be seen in any of the Metro Parks around Columbus in the spring. Blacklick, Sharon Woods, Glacier Ridge, and Blendon Woods all have pools close enough to trails for images like this.
The exposure for this image was shutter speed 1/50 sec, aperture f/6.3, exposure program aperture priority, and white balance auto. The lens was a 17mm-55mm set at 20mm the flash was not used.