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'Impractical Jokers' scorecard: in which James Murray mock curses out Aerosmith

Last week, Impractical Jokers brought us Joey Fatone as a stand-in for Brian Quinn and Sal crashing a wedding reception. What could possibly top that? There's Batman and Murr apparently really dislikes Aerosmith, plus Q humiliates himself in front of children. There are only two challenges this week, but they're pretty classic.

The cast of 'Impractical Jokers,' airing Thursdays on TruTV.

Challenge #1: Singles Night
"If you refuse anything you're told," Sal warns, "you lose and you die alone." Well, that's encouraging. At this mixer, Sal meets a guy named Larry and informs him that Joe has been looking for him. Not to be outdone, Q meets Irene (though she doesn't seem to be a bitch), but refuses to tell an insurance broker her job is boring. The guys spend more time insulting Murr than actually giving him anything to do. Eventually, they give him some suspicious business cards, labeling him as everything from a "child pageant coach" to "state executioner." The now-married Joe is not comfortable with this, especially when they make him put his wedding ring back on and then draw attention to it. He somehow manages to come off as a bigger jerk than Murr.
Loser: Q
Winner: Sal, because he finally found Larry, and we know how hard that guy is to pin down.

Challenge #2: Can I Borrow Your Phone?
Can the guys borrow people's cell phones to make a call while reading off those oh-so-deadly cue cards? Actually, yeah. Sal can't use his mobile because it's converted to Judaism, then tells the next guy he needs to call Batman - which gets him a cell phone in ten seconds. Who wouldn't want to call Batman? (Especially if it's Will Arnett's Batman.) Joe gets a phone in order to tell a nun to answer his hate mail. Q can't say the phrase "starting a racist cover band," and we don't blame him. Murr apparently needs to curse out Aerosmith. What did Steven Tyler ever do to him?!
Loser: Q
Winner: Sal again, because yeah, Batman. You can't lose with Batman.

Big Loser: Q
The Punishment: He's stuck reading his own children's book to a room of children and their parents. Except, of course, he didn't write the book. Q has never had the best luck with kids (remember "Swing and a Miss"?) so this gets awkward really fast. The book goes from cute, to Q's semi-autobiographical character being fired and dumped by his wife, then picking up a prostitute. We're actually shocked that got in there, considering that there are really young children involved. At least that seemed to go over their heads. The adults, not so much.

Impractical Jokers gets bumped up a half-hour early next week so the guys can make room for the second season of Killer Karaoke, with brand new awesome host Mark McGrath. Tune in at the special time of 9:30 PM ET/PT next Thursday!

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