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'Impractical Jokers' scorecard: one Joker is a 'Nationals Disaster'

We took a week away from Impractical Jokers to find our way out of that haunted corn maze, but we're back now to provide commentary on the guys' most recent shenanigans. This week, we're shocked to discover that at least one of the guys isn't a professional athlete. Shocked.

The cast of 'Impractical Jokers,' airing Thursdays on TruTV.

Challenge #1: Aisle Be Damned
The guys are back at the supermarket, this time as shoppers. Joe must pretend to surveil anyone who walks by, but takes a loss rather than talk about his mini cucumbers. Sal finds himself hijacking other people's carts. Q runs into his supervillain arch-nemesis, then decides to help himself to some whipped cream, which leads to the guys making him use it for evil. Murr is forced to tell a couple he's sterile, before nearly taking out a passerby with his cart. Thus continues the legend of the supermarket in Impractical Jokers lore.
Loser: Joe

Challenge #2: The Mystery Bag
Can the Jokers give away something for nothing? As it turns out, not really, because you don't want what they have. Sal can't manage to pass off a jar labeled "Grandma Oil," because he's flustered talking about wringing it out of his grandmother in her sleep. Joe's turn gets temporarily derailed by tourists asking him to take a family photo, but he still can't unload a ton of condoms. Murr has absolutely no chance of unloading a broken IV stand, and he knows it. Q gets a giant dead fish, and is inexplicably able to pass it off to a confused passerby, despite having absolutely no game whatsoever. We're still scratching our heads over that one.
Losers: Sal, Joe and Murr

Challenge #3: Choose Wisely
Only Joe and Murr have to play this challenge, where you not only have to do whatever you're told, but do it to the right randomly designated person in the mall food court. For Joe, that means going up behind people, covering their eyes and saying "Guess who?" Unfortunately, he spends so much time on a dude with prominent eyebrows that he walks by the elderly gentleman that was his intended target. "How did an old man outrun me?" he wonders aloud. Murr has to shoot an evil look (or what he thinks passes for evil) at people, which mostly just gets him laughed at. He, too, can't find the right guy, but escapes punishment because Joe failed the two earlier challenges.
Losers: Joe and Murr

Big Loser: Joe
The Punishment: He has to squeeze himself into a bodysuit and pretend he's a superstar gymnast, except for that he's probably never even used the word gymnastics. What follows includes lots of footage of a disapproving little girl, Joe getting stuck in a pit of foam blocks, and a bunch of actual athletes who eventually get in on the joke. Joe gets no small measure of revenge, though, because Sal and Murr are on the floor laughing so hard they've probably hurt themselves. It's safe to say the professional gymnasts of the world face no threat from our Jokers.

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