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'Impractical Jokers' scorecard: Joe Gatto tries to make the magic happen

In this week's episode of Impractical Jokers, one Joker finds himself testing the waters of professional magic, and everybody gets embarrassed at one point or another. But that's why we love this show.

Joe Gatto is on the hot seat at the end of tonight's 'Impractical Jokers' on TruTV.

Challenge #1: Face The Music
The guys are back at Sam Ash Music Stores, now acting as music teachers rather than floor employees. In this Double Down challenge, can they convince poor souls to sign up with them for lessons? Sal falls over yet again after hearing the horrifically hilarious song Joe plays for a bewildered woman (read her lips afterward). However, he gets his when the guys saddle him with an emotional ballad. Q hates that he has to come up with something for the ukulele, but survives it. Murr is screwed when he sees a stand-up bass coming toward him, and is forced to make an awkward pass at the woman behind it. Surprisingly, she isn't deterred and signs up for more torment...I mean, lessons.
Loser: Joe
Winner: Sal, for getting into the most intense cymbal face-off ever. It might be the first cymbal face-off ever. We have no idea.

Challenge #2: Focus Group Mayhem
Can the guys read embarrassing answers to focus group questions? It's Murr against Joe and Q versus Sal, with the Jokers writing the answers for each other. Unfortunately for Murr, the almost always fearless Joe remains unflappable, even when he has to make reference to his wife and his dog. Q purposely annoys Sal by referring to him as "Al," then forces him to say he accidentally sent a naked photo to his sister and that she sent one back. Though Sal is visibly flustered, he manages to get through all of his answers, meaning that Q takes the loss anyway despite a valiant effort.
Losers: Murr and Q

Big Loser: Joe
The Punishment: He's back at the Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa, this time as a "world-famous escape artist," at least according to Murr. He has absolutely no idea what he has to escape from until he gets on stage in front of a full auditorium. To Joe's surprise, it involves a straightjacket, chains, and a tank full of cold water. Let's give Joe credit for keeping his banter with the unsuspecting audience steady even as it dawns on him what's about to happen. Of course, not being a professional magician, his attempt to escape only results in public humiliation (which is the point). Then his friends leave him in the tank in front of an unhappy audience with absolutely nowhere to go.

For more Impractical Jokers, check out our interview with Brian “Q” Quinn, and our list of 12 Things Impractical Jokers Has Ruined For Us. Another all-new episode airs next Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT on TruTV.

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