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‘Impractical Jokers’ have ‘Snow Way Out’ on Tru-TV

Sal, Murr, Q & Joe the Impractical Jokers of Tru-TV

On Tuesday night’s episode of “Impractical Jokers,” the tribute to boys who never grow up, Tru-TV states a loud and clear warning that the following program contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other. Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian “Q” Quinn and James “Murr” Murray were all born without filters and would do just about anything to win a challenge, on this episode titled “Snow Way Out.”

In the first challenge, they are at Super Buy Rite Liquor Store as workers, and they must say and do what the others tell them to. Murr was up first and as he talked about a good beer, the man put it in his cart. Each time the man put it in his cart, Murr took it out and put it back on the shelf, after several times, the guy just walked away. He had to talk to the next guy in a falsetto voice. Finally, the man walked away, far away. Joe was next as he had to help a guy find a beer he was looking for; they walked around the entire length of the store looking for a beer they did not ever find. Then he had to talk about a guy he just helped to another guy, and told him the man was following him. Sal had to tweak a man’s nose, as he did, the guy cracked up. As another guy was walking down the aisle, Sal had to charge him as fast as he could. The guy admitted he scared the crap out of him, as he continued on his way. Sal then had to tell a guy looking for wine, all his troubles. The man patiently listened to his problems and walked away feeling better about himself after that string of lies. Q had to help people and relay crazy stories to them, like eating a dog, having a husband that looks like a pork chop. Then he had to throw ping-pong balls at a huge black guy, who did not find it amusing. However, all four guys completed their challenges.

The next challenge was to Take a Ticket. At a meat counter in a supermarket, each ticket they drew had a challenge they must perform. Sal was up first and had to put his hand inside someone’s shirt. As each person he saw wore a coat and scarf, this was not going to be easy, and it was not, as it was a failure for Sal. Next, Murr had to crawl through someone’s legs and accomplished this one. Joe had to smell someone’s finger. Q had to completely destroy something in someone’s cart. Q took something from a man’s cart and told him Santiago sent him to tell him he wanted his money and to send him a message as he picked up a bag of frozen vegetables and punched it and let the contents fall on the floor as the man walked away shaking his head. Sal was the only loser in that round.

For Challenge #3, the guys were at Battery Park, in NYC to get signatures to get a holiday officially recognized. Joe and Murr had to do it for the holiday chosen by Sal and Q, which was Reverse Hyperkinetic Particle Matrix Awareness Sunday. After Joe was tongue tied long enough, the man finally singed it, but surely he forgot why he signed as the gibberish he received from Joe was probably the reason why he signed, just so Joe would shut up. Murr had to get signatures for Bill the Cosby, but he lost making he and Sal the losers for the double punishment awaiting them.

At the top of Bear Peak, they were donned in their ski attire. As Sal pleaded that he did not know how to ski, they were put on the ski lift, but after it proceeded about fifty feet. It was stopped by Joe and Q, who planned on leaving them sit there in the nine degree weather. It was too good to pass up a target like this, so they got pelted with snowballs and then finally the winners walked off as they pleaded with their captors. A short time later, they returned; however, this time with paint ball guns and continued to pelt them with paint balls as their begged for their lives on this outrageous episode of “Impractical Jokers.”

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