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‘Impractical Jokers’ go ‘Inside the Vault’ on Tru-TV

On tonight’s episode of “Impractical Jokers,” the tribute to boys who never grow up, Tru-TV states a loud and clear warning that the following program contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other. Experience the belly laughs and outrageous stunts from the four guys who fans have come to know and love, but would likely not want to be victims of their stunts. Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian “Q” Quinn and James “Murr” Murray were all born without filters and would do just about anything to win a challenge on this episode titled “Inside the Vault.”

Sal, Murr, Joe and Q the Impractical Jokers of Tru-TV

The guys presented some never-before-seen clips from some of the jokers, who chose these scenes. When Q was working at a pizzeria, he had a stare-down with a guy who gave him a run for his money. Sal was waiting on a guy who wanted pizza, and after putting it on the counter, he had to slap the slices and put his finger in the guy’s water bottle. He did it, but the guy did not want those slices, but he did give Sal a laugh. When a woman ordered slices, he had to mumble under his breath, “again with this s**t!” After several times of saying this, the woman just walked away disgusted. When a guy ordered gelato, Sal scooped it into his hand, and then gave him another scoop and a spoon. The guy was dumbfounded enough to let him put two scoops in his palm.

Joe demonstrated his lack of pizza making skills behind the counter, and had to put his nose in a guy’s gelato. As Joe looked outside, with a frightened look on his face, the woman he was waiting on, continued to look out the window to see what the heck he was looking at.

As janitors in a food court, Sal had to tape a fork to the end of his broom handle and eat off someone’s plate, and he got away with it too. Then Q had to bend over to tell guy and girl a story about a little girl who ate there last week, the guys left him hanging, and had to think quick. He then had to empty a trash bin onto the table where a couple were eating. As three guys were eating, Murr had to continue cleaning and cleaning the table while the guys were eating.

They showed a challenge that was never-seen-before, in a challenge called Focus Pocus. The guys had to conduct a focus group to unsuspecting people in a one-on-one question and answer period. Joe had to ask a woman the most outrageous questions, and she kept her composure the entire time and even kissed him when he asked to be kissed, but she would not dream about him if he lost 20 pounds or if he gained 20 pounds. She would only dream about him if he was black.

Murr had to ask a nicely dressed man in a suit to answer with either; always, sometimes or never. The questions started making the man blush bright red, when he was asked if he went to strip clubs and then the questions got even more intense, as Murr tried to keep his own composure. For Q, the questions started off uncomfortable, as he asked a young woman to point to a place on his body that she thought could use improvement, and she pointed to his face. Q then had to ask a woman her technique for going downtown was? She had to clarify which gender he meant; but then he weaseled out of it be asking her if she took the car or public transportation. When Sal asked a guy if he should give up on this game of hide and seek? The guy told him yes. When he yelled that he gave up, a little girl came in and told him, she won!

A man who was very low key started talking about “Impractical Jokers,” to Sal in the focus group, and spoke about how they did outrageous things, he even stated that they had huge balls. Then the other three guys came in to surprise him. He had a funny feeling about the focus group, and told them he watched very few shows, but theirs was his favorite. Why was this episode left in the vault?

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