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‘Impractical Jokers’ celebrate a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ on Tru-TV

The Impractical Jokers celebrated Father's Day with more pranks!
The Impractical Jokers celebrated Father's Day with more pranks!
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On last night’s special episode of “Impractical Jokers,” titled “Happy Father’s Day,” Tru-TV states a loud and clear warning that the following program contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other. Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian “Q” Quinn and James “Murr” Murray would do just about anything to win a challenge, including dragging their fathers into the fray.

In the first clip, while interviewing people, a window behind the person becomes see-through while the jokers are conducting the interviews. When Q was interviewing a lady, Joe was dressed as a samurai who karate chopped a six-foot sandwich in half as Murr and Sal held each end. Next, a naked fat guy was shaking his stuff for him to see, fortunately his midsection was blacked out for the viewers. When Joe and Murr were in a makeshift bathtub scrubbing each other’s backs, Sal was laughing hysterically. The best was when Joe was wearing a Godzilla mask, walking through a city, as Japanese children were seemingly running scared.

As Murr was doing his interviews, a puppet looking like Murr was hit with a fairy godmother’s wand, then a person appeared with a terrible wig, that was supposed to be Murr all grown up. When the guys broke bottles over each other’s heads, he cracked up. However, when Joe did a Flashdance takeoff dance, then pulled a bucket of doughnuts down, it was hilarious.

For Sal’s turn, Murr was wearing nursing breasts, and Joe, dressed as a baby, was nursing from him. When Q was up, he was dressed as a bride, and his groom was none other than Sal’s father. Needless to say, Sal was hysterical.

For Joe’s turn, the three were dressed as the Village People. Next a woman was waving to Joe, then she appeared with her top off, subsequently she made out with Q.

For their next segment, a sensitivity training class, Q and Murr were training people in the workplace, and made it through, but Joe and Sal had a much tougher time, because their sisters were in the video, being sexually harassed by Q and Murr who played their bosses.

As the big loser of the day, Q had to teach sex education to a classroom of sixth-graders. Q did not know that the sixth-graders were replaced with his parents. He had to demonstrate using graphics, a donut and a hot dog, and even explain how he lost his virginity. His father enjoyed it, and his mother pointed out the bed where he was conceived. At the end of the presentation, he asked his parents to get some bail money, because he was going to kill his friends.

Q’s father appeared in a segment at the White Castle where the guys were working behind the counter. When Murr was trying to put in a guy’s order, the register continued to beep, and when an employe unaware they were making a show was asked for assistance, he helped Murr, who then told him he was King of the White Castle because he could run a register. He then walked away, probably rather than punch him in the face. Then Murr proceeded to sit on a crave case of hamburgers, as the woman watched in awe. As each joker proceeded to go through several tasks, they had to get a tip from the customers. When Q was behind the counter, his father came in, and if it is difficult to say some weird things to strangers, he had an even more difficult time saying these things to his father. He had to ask him if he and his mom still poke? He did not ask the question, and his father did not give him a tip, except to tell him to carry an umbrella when it rains.

For an extra Father’s Day bonus, the guys showed a never-seen-before clip from their first show, that was titled “Mission: Uncomfortable” back in the beginning. Murr’s father was portraying a tailor and as Sal was having his inseam measured, he told the tailor that he was getting a boner.

At the end of the show, the screen flashed the words: “In Loving Memory of Joseph S. Gatto, July 1939 – September 1995” on this familial episode of “Impractical Jokers.”

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