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‘Impractical Jokers’ cause ‘Nationals Disaster’ on Tru-TV

On last night’s episode of “Impractical Jokers,” a tribute to little boys who never grow up, Tru-TV states a loud and clear warning that the following program contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other. Experience the belly laughs and outrageous stunts from the four guys who fans have come to know and love, but would likely not want to be victims of their stunts. Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian “Q” Quinn and James “Murr” Murray were all born without filters and would do just about anything to win a challenge on this episode titled “Field of Screams.”

Q, Sal, Murr and Joe the Impractical Jokers of Tru-TV
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

As the episode begins, the guys are in Fairway Supermarket in Brooklyn, and each one has to do what the others tell him to do for the first challenge. Joe is shopping with a cart like his life depends on it. Racing through the aisles, then he has to talk about shoppers as he walks past them, while talking into his watch. Joe lost the next one when he asked a shopper about mini cucumbers, but would not ask the question of how many would fit somewhere he chose not to reveal.

Sal was up next; he had to cut off someone walking behind him, then as a man with earphones was engrossed in what he was doing, Sal had to tap him on the shoulder and say hello, that was it, just a hello as the man looked at him like he was crazy. Next he had to use his cart to push a woman’s cart along with him as he continued walking down the aisle. Then a kid was standing on the back of a cart, as he did the same thing, giving him a ride down the aisle. His father had no idea of the action, and Sal had to tell him not to say a word to his father, as he made a gesture of secrecy, the kid just laughed.

Q just happened to be wearing a superhero shirt, and as a man came down the aisle, he was now his arch-nemesis. When he said that they met again, the man told him he was mistaking him for someone else, Q told him he was a super-villain, and the guy said no and walked away. When he was spotted with whipped cream in a can, he had to put some on the handle of a guy’s wagon while he was looking for something. Then he had to put the whipped cream on his face like a beard. When the guy went back to the wagon and put his hand in the cream, Q turned to him with the creamy beard and told him that it wasn’t him, as the guy just stared and laughed.

Murr stopped a woman and told her that his priest told him he liked zucchini too much, as she shook her head and walked away like she saw a ghost. He had to push his cart down the aisle and then say it got away from him. However, when he saw a young woman, he told her that he and his wife had a deal, that they could sleep with anyone they met at the supermarket. She told him it was a good deal, but not with her.

In a park, the second challenge was the mystery bag challenge. Each had to take a duffel bag, packed by the other guys to the park and give the contents to an unsuspecting person. If they take the item, they win, if not; see ya! Sal was up first and asked a woman if she wanted a large jar marked Grandma Oil. He lost that one, hands down. As Joe was in the park, he was asked by a family to take a family photo for them. Then he took the husband aside and asked him if he wanted what was in the bag; a huge roll of condoms, but he declined. Murr’s bag contained an IV with a stand, but most of it was sticking out, so the mystery was over and nobody wanted it either. Q had a bag that he said smelled, as he finally got a young woman to talk to him, he pulled out a large dead fish, as she walked away in horror, but as he held the fish, a man came by and actually took the fish and walked away. Amazing!

Challenge three was a Joker versus Joker challenge. Joe versus Murr for a game of Food Court Roulette where a stranger was chosen by the other guys, and they had to find the person before time was up. Joe had to go behind a person and cover their eyes with his hands and say, guess who? Joe lost because the guy left the food court.

Murr had to give a quick glance to the person who he suspected, but both guys lost this one. Joe was the big loser for the episode and for his challenge, he had to go to a gym filled with young gymnasts. He had to tell them he could do whatever they did better. Although he has no real ability, he gave it the old college try, risking life and limb. Then he had to tell them all to watch the routine he was practicing for “Nationals.” As he proceeded to make a complete fool of himself, the gymnasts all applauded him anyway, and each one, large and small could do it much better than Joe on this hilarious episode of “Impractical Jokers.”

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