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‘Impractical Jokers’ are ‘Puncture Perfect’ on Tru-TV

Poor Murr was the pierced loser of this episode of Impractical Jokers
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On Thursday night’s episode of “Impractical Jokers,” titled “Puncture Perfect,” Tru-TV states a loud and clear warning that the following program contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other. Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian “Q” Quinn and James “Murr” Murray would do just about anything to win a challenge.

In the first group of clips, the guys are at Digital Press video gaming store in challenge number one titled “This Game Will Self-Instruct.” Each guy is given three challenges written on the back of video games by the other three. If they do not complete the challenge; they lose.

Sal was up first, as Q reminded him that he was the worst video game player. The first one was shimmy your boobs, and he found a nice woman to go along with that one; the next was to pet someone’s face with the back of your hand, which he got away with on the same woman. For the third one, he had to trust fall into someone’s arms, but she did not catch him, although he did complete all three.

On Joe’s turn, he had to give a shoulder massage, smooth someone’s eyebrows, and spit in his hand and then shake hands, but the guy who semi-agreed to the first two, would not go for it, and Joe lost this one.

Q was next, and had to put his head into his shirt like a turtle, give someone his sock and put hand-sanitizer into someone’s hand, as he completed all three, he walked out of the store, like a proud peacock.

Murr was last, he had to go crazy blinking, slowly slap someone’s face and motorboat a person’s lips. After getting through the first two, he could not complete the last one. So Murr joined Joe with one strike.

The second challenge was held at Brooklyn Boulders in the challenge called “Repeat After Me.” Each will be rock climbing teachers, who must get their pupil to repeat a word given by the other three Jokers. If they fail to repeat the word before they reach the finish line, they lose. Sal had to get his pupil to say rigamarole, but she was a person of few words, Sal you lose! Murr’s phrase was I’m Gonna Die, but his guy was quick and agile and Murr lost. However, when he was out there, he left his phone behind, so Joe tweeted; Hey @Viagra, thanks for the help! #ProblemSolved. Poor Murr, he lost twice in one challenge and in no time had 820 retweets. Q’s word was lumpenproletariat, a Marxist word meaning the lowest class of people who are literally of no value to the working class. Q lost that one too. Joe’s word was ballbag. As a young woman was climbing the wall, the other three bet millions that she would never say ballbag. But Joe told her to put the ball of her foot in the bag, and ballbag it. She said it twice, making Joe the only winner in that one.

The third challenge was a Joker Murr versus Joker Joe challenge called “Ticket Masters.” Here they had to give away tickets to the most unappealing events. Murr tried to give away tickets to Piss Angel, Bathroom Magic,” but he had no luck. Then Joe tried with his tickets to “Fritz Cold Cockin,” and Joe won.

As the loser, Murr had to answer three questions correctly, as he sat in a Tattoo & Piercing shop. For each wrong answer, he had to spin the wheel of piercing, and get that body part pierced. He got the first answer right with Q’s two least favorite foods; peanut butter and sushi. Sal’s favorite Lionel Ritchie song was guessed incorrectly, as he guessed Hello, when it was Running with the Night. When Murr spun the wheel, it landed on Nipples, and he chose the left one. In no time, the woman did the job as the other three cheered. When he got the next one wrong, he had to get the other nipple pierced. Finally, the last piercing was his belly button, which now was adorned with a charm reading Sexy. As he was about to leave, asked for his shirt, but somehow there was no shirt, and he had to walk out with his new piercings visible to the world on this nutty episode of “Impractical Jokers.”

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