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Impoverished Elders

Caregivers and the elderly are often viewed as retired to their ‘Golden Years’. This article will look at those ‘Golden Years’ for many.

Our country’s economic pitfall may have been hard on many; however none were as devastated as our Senior Citizens. They live on a fixed income which is far below the poverty line for many. Seniors not only have a fixed income, which has not seen a raise in COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) for many years. In many of the informational pieces we see the NSCLC (National Senior Citizen Law Center) This group has recently put out some very enlightening information about our seniors fair in the current economic state of our nation.

The examples are shocking and depressing to say the least. Elderly expected to live on less than $24.00/day. Could others live on this meager amount? Imagine paying for food, rent, prescriptions, utility bills and transportation, why gasoline for the auto costs more than that. These are the people who choose between having heat in their residence and purchasing the prescriptions. We as a country are not learning from the past; rather we are turning our back on the elder generation.

What will happen as the highest numbers of ‘Baby Boomers’ come to this junction in the road? It is guaranteed they will not sit idly by and allow this in their homes. The problem again is we are not learning from the past. Look at how many times the government has shut-down recently or withheld benefits to our citizens.
Please go to this website and read the numbers. And as you are reading know that it won’t matter if we are 15, 20, 30, 35 or 40 (and so on) this will come back to bite each of us, one way or another. Learn from the past and help our citizens learn.

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