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Impossible Project launches a Polaroid Film Store in NYC

NYC Impossible Project
NYC Impossible Project
Impossible Project

Today, the Impossible Project revealed to Boston based Design Melodrama that it was opening a store for Polaroid films in NYC. This will be the first Impossible Project store in the US and would open to the world on April 30th 2010.

Press Release by Impossible Project:


The spectacular venture that recently started production of a new instant film for old Polaroid cameras - The Impossible Project - is opening a unique retail and exhibition space in New York City on April 30. This will be the first Impossible Project Store in the USA, exclusively dedicated to special products and unique artworks of analog instant photography. Further Impossible Project Stores are located in Vienna (Austria) and Berlin (Germany).

In the spacious 5th floor loft of a SoHo landmark building, Impossible will not only offer the last stock of original Polaroid films and cameras, but also the brand new Impossible film materials: PX 100 and PX 600 Silver Shade. These totally new, monochrome instant films are for use in Polaroid SX-70 and 600 cameras. Furthermore the Impossible Project Store is hosting the first exhibition of The Impossible Collection (March 22 – August 22).

The Impossible Collection follows in the footsteps of the world-famous Polaroid Collection and features work created on Impossible's new film materials from an eclectic mix of international artists. The current exhibition features works from artists like Grant Hamilton, Jake Chessum, Laura Watt, Heather Champ, and more than 20 others. To celebrate the opening of the Impossible's Broadway Space and the magic of instant photography we will be offering weekly in-store-only specials through the end of May. Also, guests at the Grand Opening Party will enjoy free wine from City Winery, have the chance to have their photos taken with our new PX100 and PX600 films - and be entered to win a fantastic prize package with 5 packs of PX600 film, a Polaroid One600 camera kit and a limited Freitag bag!"

Impossible Project Space

425 Broadway,

5th Floor New York,

NY 10013

Grand Opening Party: April 30, 3 - 8 pm


  • Paul Camello 4 years ago

    I purchased a package of PX film at EP levine,s in Waltham MA. This product must be a joke. It is the worst film product I have ever used. Very inconsistant , poor quality image results, incomplete coverage,
    I used Two cameras, one was a SLR 680 and the other was a 640. The 640 provided better coverage but displayed mottley backgrounds. Futher there are no directions included that explains how temperture influences image quality.
    I'm surprised that Ilford would put it's name on this product.

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