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Important tips about working with celebrities.

Jo Frost the Supernanny in DC
Jo Frost the Supernanny in DC
Audrey Bethards, Hair and Makeup, Inc.

Working with a celebrity is an exciting experience that happens to look great on a resume. However, due to the status of celebrities, one must be careful with certain behaviors to make sure the rare opportunity doesn't turn into a nightmare. The following tips from a celebrity Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist in Washington, DC can help any professional easily succeed at working with a celebrity.

1. Be early!

Once one reaches a certain status, one of the most important things to them is their time. If you are late to an appointment with a celebrity, you are stealing one of the few things they cannot get back! This will only create unnecessary stress for the both of you. Make sure that you are not only punctual, but you are a little early.

2. Do not talk too much.

Before interviews, events or any performance, it is important to not talk the client’s ear off. Usually celebrities want this time to focus, practice and meditate on their performance, so that they can do their best at their job. try to keep it together, quiet and professional, talking only when absolutely necessary.

3. Act charismatic, positive and friendly.

It is important to try to build a connection with a celebrity to perhaps open the door to more work. Speak with them with ease and friendliness, this will make them feel comfortable with you around. If you are nervous, don't make it obvious. If there is a problem, choose to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem itself!.

4. Respect their confidentiality.

Do no tell everyone and their grandmother you are working with a celebrity beforehand. Also, do not have any tag along admirers with you. Perhaps you can brag about it a little bit afterwards.

Also, if you see something that needs to be kept private, please by all means, KEEP IT PRIVATE!

5. Remember celebrities are just like you and me!

Audrey Bethards, celebrity Hair Stylist and Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist in Washington, DC says,

“When in doubt on how to treat a celebrity, remember a celebrity is just like any other person. They have families, friends, hobbies, pets and feelings, so try to treat them like a real person”.

Above all celebrities desire to be treated like a real person. Just put the best version of you forward, and you’ll do a great job.

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