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Important Resume Writing Tips: What You Should Do?

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Have you completed your studies and looking for a job, then you are at right place. Before planning to apply for your first job, you should make your resume. The resume is an initial tool in your job searching so it must be-unique, attractive and clear.

Effective Resume Writing Tips

The resume is a reflection of your education, skills, qualification and working experience. It can be written in a professional and well manner that make it easy and straight to scan and read for the recruiters. Remember, they would not meet you, they would only see your resume. There is a maximum possibility to get rejected if there is no sufficient information in the resume.

Most of the job seekers make mistakes with their resume because of lack of knowledge. Here are some Resume Writing Tips that may guide you for what you should do and what you should do not with your resume.

You should mention in your resume:

1. Personal Profile:

  • Write down your full name and contact details in your resume. Contact details include your address, phone number and E-mail address (get professional id not fancy).

2. Education and Qualification:

  • Start with your most recent education qualification
  • Mention all your trainings and experience that related to the job you are applying for

3. Employment and Experience:

  • Mention your recent job first and then move backwards
  • The name of employer and job title
  • The time duration of your work over there
  • Your work experience with your duties
  • Achievement during you worked there

Mention your “Relevant Work Experience” and list your related job first in brief and list other jobs under.

4. Other Work Experience:

  • Include other work experience which is not related to the job you are applying for, if you have.

Make sure that,

  • Your resume is up to the date
  • The resume has page number on it even if it is only one page
  • Skills and important details highlighted
  • Your resume should short and to the point
  • Text formatted in good manner, aligned and justified.

You should not mention in your resume:

1. Other Personal Information: You don’t have to give personal details like,

  • Date of Birth
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Languages you know
  • With any disabilities you have
  • Other personal information

2. References:

  • Find out someone who can refer you, but don’t mention their details in your resume. Just end up with one statement “ References would be provided as per the request.”

3. Photo:

  • Do not include your picture unless it is requested by the recruiter.

Make Sure there is,

  • No unrelated information
  • No pattens and design, simple format
  • No fancy fonts, apply simple fonts like Arial, Times New Roman
  • No duplicate information, write in your own words
  • There is no spelling and grammatical mistake

Above are some essential tips that surely make your resume strong and streamline your profile with best presentation. Last but not at the least suggestion is, “Know what you are writing” it will lead you to the success.

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