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Important questions to consider when making your resolutions

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions

It is hard to believe that we are not only closing another year, but a decade too!

Here are a few questions you should consider.

  • Is your nutrition healthier than it was 10 years ago… or even one year ago?
  • Have you been doing the same exercise routine year after year but your body has shown no improvement year after year?
  • Were you better off ten years ago in terms of your lifestyle?

Most people make resolutions, but that is only the beginning. Resolutions are words you say, they sound like great ideas but they don’t really mean anything unless they are accompanied by a plan of action. Without actions, goals will not have successful outcomes.

Talk without action is only dreaming about the possibility… and that’s a good start, because all actions begin with a thought or a desire. But when you make a commitment… an actual appointment and it is written in your schedule to do it, guess what… you get it done, no kidding.

What is your action plan for the new year? You might want to read these 5 tips to help you make your resolutions really get done!


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