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Important information for coping with the Metro Detroit flood

The embankment on I-696 at Fairfield is missing. The bridge is also damaged.
The embankment on I-696 at Fairfield is missing. The bridge is also damaged.
Courtesy of Eric Oliveri

On Monday, Metro Detroit saw its worst rain storm since at least the 1920s. The result has been widespread flooding across the region.

As of Tuesday morning, there is flood damage on all the major freeways in the Detroit area, along with damage on many surface streets, residential streets and to houses themselves. Based on feedback coming in to many of the media outlets, basements were particularly damaged.

While insurance will likely need to help in most cases, in certain circumstances, homeowners can also receive help from their municipalities. The city of Dearborn has a web page dedicated to this problem, with a phone number that residents can call to report flooded basements. It also has a claim form that can be helpful if the damage was caused by the public sewer system.

As of 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning, portions of I-696, I-94, I-75 and the Lodge Freeway were all closed because of flood damage, along with reports of landslides and debris covering the roads. On Monday night, between 400 to 500 people had to be rescued from a Lowe's parking lot at Van Dyke near 13 Mile after people became trapped because of the flooding.

The suburbs of Warren, Sterling Heights, Royal Oak and Ferndale appear to have suffered some of the worst damage. However, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) asks that all Metro Detroit residents avoid the roads today unless they have to travel. For people that must drive today, MDOT has a web site that will help show where roads are open and where they are closed.