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Importance of Vitamin C for guinea pig

Importance of Vitamin C for Guinea Pig
Importance of Vitamin C for Guinea Pig
Photo taken by Christine

Guinea pigs have become a popular choice for pets all over the world. However there is lack of awareness about guinea pigs dietary requirements. Most pet owners are unaware about the right kind of pet food, which they must give and due to this their pets do not get the required vitamins and nutrients.

Do you that your pet guinea pig shares a similarity with you? Both you and your guinea pigs are unable to produce vitamin C naturally in your bodies and would need to get this essential vitamin from external sources. What would be the best method, which will ensure that your pet gets its daily requirement of Vitamin C?

Before we tell you about the best way to get vitamin C to your guinea pig, we would like to share information as to why this vitamin is so essential. Vitamin C helps in preventing scurvy in your pet. If you are unaware as to what scurvy is, it is a disease, which causes pain in the joints and creates problems in your pet’s dental system.
Apart from preventing scurvy, the vitamin is also essential in building the immunity of your pet. You can ask your vet about the exact quantity of Vitamin C to be given to your pet. The quantity might vary based on the age of your pet.

Most pet owners sprinkle vitamin c in a powdered form in the food that they provide to their guinea pigs. This will ensure that they get their daily supplement of the essential vitamin. The other common method of providing Vitamin C is to add the powdered dose in water.

However your pet guinea pig may not have adequate quantities of water each day and may not get the required quantity of Vitamin C. Most experts also advice against mixing the vitamin in water as they feel, it will lose its effectiveness. A balanced diet complete with essential vitamins and nutrients ensures that your pet guinea pig is healthy and happy.

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