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Import Report: Kingdom Hearts X one year update

These are a few screenshots taken throughout KHX's first year of service.
These are a few screenshots taken throughout KHX's first year of service.

Kingdom Hearts X (chi) came out a year ago in Japan. When it was first announced this writer was a bit confused. It, like other Facebook and browser based games, seemed like an easy money scheme. Well, in the end, KHX is kind of like that. However, as an avid fan of Kingdom Hearts, it's really fun.

This is the one year update page to KHX.
Square Enix, Disney

The interesting part in playing KHX over the past year is its constant evolution. It started off as a pretty bare bones card RPG, but it has quickly grown more complex. Environmental items got more detailed, more cards emerged, various shops opened, new quest lines and challenges, and more. While Square Enix charges money for certain items, KHX is actually pretty generous to players. One can get by without paying a dime, or in this case, yen. Yet as good as it is there are setbacks.

The biggest downfall to KHX is the lack of worlds. Originally there was Agrabah, Wonderland, and Dwarf Forest with three unknown worlds in the background. To celebrate its year anniversary, Square Enix introduced Daybreak Town, which, up until this point, was a hub town to watch avatars run by. It was basically a glorified screen saver. As cool as a new world is, its kind of weird knowing there are still two mystery places. Is it going to be one a year, or what?

So as fun as this game is, it still has a long way to go. Plus there are no plans for a Western release, which isn’t surprising. There are tons of games that debut on the Japanese Yahoo games page that never crossed the seas. Some of which will be discussed future installments of the Import Report. For now, as hard as it is to say, this game will never leave Japan. Frankly that’s quite all right because there is a new Kingdom Hearts on the horizon to keep gamers excited.

For a quick look at KHX and how to set up an account, head on over to the accompanying YouTube Channel, ReActionExaminer, for those and other great videos.

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