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Import Report: Final Fantasy Type-0

One of the biggest pieces of news to break out of E3 last week was Square Enix announcing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the PS4 and Xbox One. For those who don’t know, this was a game in development alongside Final Fantasy XIII. It was originally called Final Fantasy Agito, but then that project split, making Agito a mobile game and Type-0 into a PSP game. It was released in Japan in 2011 and Square Enix made no hints of localizing it in the west.

This is a piece of art for FFT0.
Square Enix

For years a team of fan translators have been working on English patches for the game. Finally, about a week before the announcement, the group released the final patch, making the game entirely playable in English. And now it’s time for some theories.

Given the fact that Square Enix had nothing to show other than a few cleaned up screenshots and a logo, makes this writer suspicious if a team has actually begun working on it or not. After all, it’s coincidental to announce the project soon after the translators released their patch. Their reveal may make fans wait to play the game until they can officially buy Type-0 without guilt.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD finally released this year, but it was promised years ago. So taking that into account it can be inferred that this HD port will take at least two years if not more. It’s exciting news to be sure, but it’s important not to get one’s hopes up with Square Enix given the aforementioned past.

So what is Final Fantasy Type-0 anyway? Good question. It’s basically a Final Fantasy Tactics game melded with Harry Potter with the mechanics of Kingdom Hearts. For a more in depth look, here’s a Qwiktro via ReActionExaminer that will show off the first thirty minutes in, yes, English. The wait for the HD remake may be long, but hopefully this can tide one over for now.

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