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Import Only: Famicom Classics (Part Two)


There are a good number of classic Famicom titles that never saw the light of day on the NA and EU Nintendo Entertainment System. Import Only: Famicom Classics is an article series dedicated to bringing awareness to gamers about these great titles that they (probably) missed out on.

Part Two brings even more classic Famicom titles to the average gamer.

Getsufuu Maden
In the year 14672 A.D, the evil demon called “Dragon Master” was revived by his minions. To protect the tranquility of the world, the Fuuma brothers engaged the Dragon Master in battle, but were easily defeated. Avenging their brothers’ deaths, the last of the Fuuma vow to destroy the Dragon Master.

Getsufuu Maden features a basic overworld type display for moving about the game’s vast world. The paths available to take are all pre-determined, however, but there are some branching off paths that lead to dungeons, towns and shops. Once inside dungeons, the game switches to 2D platform action where the players must jump over obstacles and attack enemies with various weapons.

The Goonies
Also released for the MSX, The Goonies is based off the Steven Spielberg produced movie of the same name. The video game adoption of the popular movie is a platform game in which the player must collect blue bombs left by defeated rats to blow up skull doors. On the other side of the skull doors are a key and one of the other Goonies – the player can only advance to the next level when all three keys in said level are collected. The final level of the game can only be reached if all the Goonies are saved; otherwise the game starts over from the first level.

Joy Mecha Fight
In the distant future, two scientists have created the world’s best robotic beings: Dr. Little Emon and Dr. Ivan Walnuts. However, Dr. Walnuts took off with seven military type robots and appeared on TV – announcing his plans to conquer the world. Dr. Emon calls back a robot known as Sukapon in order to remodel it into a military unit in an effort to stop Dr. Walnuts’ conquest for world domination.

Joy Mecha Fight is a 2D vs fighter filled with four different levels in the game’s quest mode. In each of the four levels, there are eight robots to defeat before the boss robot appears. Once the eight robots and the boss are defeated, players advance to the next stage. Initially, players only have Sukapon to play as, but once the first seven robots are defeated they’re unlocked as playable robots.

Konami Wai Wai World
Konami Wai Wai World is a 2D platform based game featuring several different Konami characters along with Mikey from The Goonies and King Kong.

The game starts off with players playing either as Konami Man or Konami Lady. There are six different selectable levels to play on, each with its own specific theme based off a Konami game. The goal of each level is to save the lead character the level is based off of. For example, in the Castle stage, players must save Simon Belmont. Once the characters are saved, they are available to play as in other levels. The game’s six levels play in a non-linear fashion, a la the Castlevania series. Once the first six levels are completed, players then go through a scrolling space-shooter stage and then a final stage.

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Stay tuned for Part Three! What are some import only Famicom games you've had the chance to play or want to play?

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