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Imperial plane crash: Military plane explodes onto street, blast ruins 3 homes

An Imperial plane crash has ruined 3 homes and left families of an Imperial city neighborhood in California stunned by the damage to their street. A military plane was said to inexplicably nosedive into a residential home before exploding in a volatile accident. Miraculously, News Max reports this Friday, June 6, 2014, that no one was hurt in the blast, though 3 homes and other forms of property were destroyed in the fiery aftermath.

A plane crashes into Imperial neighborhood, destroying 3 homes
Wikimedia Commons

During a training flight mission, a Marine jet was said to be thrown off course and plummet towards the ground below this Wednesday afternoon, resulting in the Imperial plane crash. A total of 3 homes were said to be heavily damaged, yet no injuries or deaths were seemingly made in the explosive accident. The city of Imperial is home to roughly 15,000 people, and is known in the Southern California area as a desert region community.

A spokesperson for the military, 1st Lieutenant Jose Negrete, confirmed in a statement this morning that although the pilot was injured, no one else was hurt in the crash that exploded onto the normally quiet street. The pilot is reported to fortunately be in stable condition, having ejected safely from the falling aircraft, and has been taken to a local hospital for medical treatment before being released.

Military officials noted that the blast resulting from the accident verily shocked Imperial residents. The New York Daily News confirms that a Harrier AV-8B Marines jet took a nosedive into a residential front yard after smashing into one house’s roof and clipping another home. Debris from the crashing plane was said to have destroyed one of the 3 houses, while the subsequent explosion after the aircraft struck the street ruined another home and severely damaged a third.

It was truly a frightening sight to see, said one bystander, who shared with a local media source that the first house — which suffered the most extreme damage — still had a few windows and walls standing, but the entire roof caught fire and was obliterated. A young boy down the block said that he was watching TV when the Imperial plane crash occurred. He said it honestly felt not unlike an earthquake, and ran outside in time to spot the ejected pilot floating down into a field, not far from the accident site.

"A mushroom cloud of fire and black and red smoke" was said to float up to the sky, while another house’s was witnessed to have caught fire. Several others in the Imperial neighborhood even closer to the explosive scene are just grateful to be alive, saying that they could feel the resulting tremor, not unlike a bomb.

"It felt like a bomb was thrown in the backyard," replied another community resident.

A final witness to the plane crash said he was walking home from a shift at work when he spotted the military jet flying suspiciously low before the violent blast. Then he saw it suddenly fall, and watched as the pilot was ejected began to float toward the ground with a parachute. Chaos was said to reign for some time before the situation was finally put under control, though people still are jarred from the experience.

"He didn't look like he was injured. He was rolling from side to side, and police officers were soon on scene to help him,” he said.

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