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Imperial Edition questions answered by 'Elder Scrolls Online' developers

The Imperial Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online
The Imperial Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online
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With the introduction of the Imperial Edition of "The Elder Scrolls Online," players had plenty of questions concerning the benefits. On Tuesday, "Elder Scrolls Online" developers answered those questions in a brief question and answer session.

The Rings of Mara were detailed first in the session. These rings let the owner of the Imperial Edition and and friend join together in an in-game ceremony. That pledge lets them both gain extra experience for the entirety of their journey together. The pledge is permanent and stacks with other Ring of Mara vows.

The additional Explorer's Pack was also a point of concern. This pack lets players pick race and faction combinations that are not normally supported at character creation. For example, a Khajiit and a Breton can't normally start out together. With the Explorer's Pack addition, they can start playing together immediately. Benefits from the pack will start at launch and those that pre-order can utilize the pack during Early Access.

For all the questions and answers be sure to check out the official post.

The Imperial Edition of "The Elder Scrolls Online" comes with many bonuses including a few a game-changing ones. A nice in-game horse, vanity pet, and special rings that grant extra experience are one thing, but the edition also comes with the Imperials as a playable race and the ability to play outside a race's given faction (technically part of the Explorer's Pack). Players can pre-order the Imperial Edition or the Standard Edition digitally from the official site.

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