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Imperial Edition of 'The Elder Scrolls Online' supposedly leaked online

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition
The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition
ZeniMax Online

With a launch date just a few months away, it really is time to see some information about the collector's edition of "The Elder Scrolls Online." Unfortunately, no official announcement concerning the edition has been made. However, an interesting image of an "Imperial Edition" showed up on today according to a Reddit user.

The image allegedly leaked on another Bethesda Softworks published game called "Dishonored," but it was soon taken down. The image; however, remains in Amazon's image hosting services here.

If the image is truly indicative of "The Elder Scrolls Online's" collector's edition then it includes the following:

  • Collector's Edition box and steel book packaging
  • A Molag Bal Statue
  • A printed map of Tamriel
  • An emperor's guide to Tamriel
  • Playing as an Imperial in game
  • A white Imperial horse in game
  • A mudcrab vanity pet in game
  • Rings of Mara in game

There is no designation that this Imperial Edition, if accurate, is for both the United States and Europe.

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