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Imperfection in the home


Courtesy of Res Graphic Design

Homeowners should not worry so much about minor mars and imperfections in their homes. Over the years, these inconsistencies help the house develop a warmth and comfort that others kept like museums simply do not have. Sayings such as “wrinkles only go where smiles have been” and “with every scar, there is a story” work equally well with a home.

The little imperfections give character, but they also are catalysts for alterations and improvements, as the house ages. Each inconsistency denotes an improvement, failure, or difference in the way the inhabitants use and inhabit their space, compared to other homeowners. As such, the imperfections should be embraced and learned from, to augment and develop one’s way of life and living in the home.

With time, both the imperfections and improvements transform a house from a cookie cutter design to a unique home, even in neighborhoods where home designs are repeated.

Those who decide to keep their home as when they moved in will find their house to be sterile and out-of-date. A home should develop and grow with its owners, not be placed in a vitrine.