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Impeachment can be effective if done right

Avoiding the question
Avoiding the question
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Impeachment is a tool that is rarely used, but can be very powerful when needed. And, impeachment needn’t be restricted to the president. There have been nineteen impeachment proceedings in our country’s history. Most were judges, two were presidents, one a Senator and one a Ulysses S. Grant Cabinet Member; Sec. of War William Belknap. Most were acquitted by the Senate.

I think that impeachment can and should be used over the immigration issue...after the midterm elections.

No. Not on Barack Hussein Obama. Congress doesn’t have the courage to impeach the first black president, unless Obama’s hubris grows such that he does something that is not only a danger to America, but something with immediate and devastating results.

I am thinking about the Secretary of D.H.S., Jeh Charles Johnson.

I doubt that Obama will make any massive moves on amnesty for illegal aliens. Everything he has done thus far to prevent illegal aliens from being deported has been a step by step process, broadly defined and left to the bureaucrats to expand…like the Morton Memo.

So, what I suggest is this;

Presuming that Obama’s next move on immigration will be close to illegal, somewhere in the gray zone, have the House of Representatives pass a resolution and send it to Jeh Johnson warning him that if he directs officers of D.H.S., I.C.E. or the Border Patrol to act in a way contrary to the law or contrary to the security of the United States, that the House of Representatives will take testimony from officers under oath and then impeach him, forthwith.

I don’t think there will be a shortage of witnesses wanting to come forward.

Put Rep. Trey Gowdy in charge. He is a former D.A. and former U.S. Attorney who has never lost a case. He will get it done.

The Republicans should take the Senate in November. If Obama continues to plunge in the polls they could end up with 55 Senate seats. Not enough to remove Johnson on a straight party line vote. But, as the problems with illegal immigration grow; diseases in grade schools, child molestations, murder and drug dealing, to name a just a few, more and more citizens will demand that federal law enforcement do their job to secure the border and deport the illegals.

And, then there is the “known unknown.”

We know that some terrorists are going to sneak across our southern border, it’s inevitable. We just don’t who or when. If there is a domestic terror attack that can be tracked to an illegal alien crossing a border that has been purposely kept unsecured, that would really have the American people calling for scalps in Washington. (No offense to the Redskins.)

You might then pick up enough Democrat Senators to remove Johnson. The law only requires 2/3 of Senators “present.” Some could be convinced to stay away that day, if the effects of Johnson’s malfeasance is great enough.

Now, you might say that Johnson is protected in the same manner as Obama, he’s black. But, let’s not get too far into reverse racism and reverse discrimination here. If Johnson proceeds to act on Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional orders, and what he does produces grief for America and Americans, he should be removed and barred from holding a government position for the rest of his life.

Yes, that is also in the rules for impeachment.


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. --Winston Churchill


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