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Impeach or Implode

It seems as though House Speaker John Boehner has once again placed himself, and the Republican party, between a rock and a hard place. Once again, running scared of the right-wing fanatics within his Republican Party, Speaker Boehner , in an effort to appease them, announced a plan to sue President Obama, ahead of plans to impeach him. As of last Thursday, the House Rules Committee voted to move forward with impeachment. They believe that the President has exceeded his authority in executing his Executive Privilege on a number of issues, in order to move forward with the work Congress fails to perform.

However, Speaker Boehner has failed to recognize the will of moderates and most Americans, who support President Obama and oppose such an outrageous idea of impeaching him for trying to do his job and execute the will of most of the American people on the issues that directly affect their everyday lives.

In fact, the impeachment idea is backfiring so badly that the Democrats are currently raising a record amount of donations to support their candidates in the upcoming mid-term elections. It is estimated, the Democratic Congressional Committee has raised approximately $7.6 million. And in the period between last Thursday and this past Sunday, fueled by the impeachment talks, the Democrats took in around 2.1 million, a record amount for that amount of time, according to reports by the Associated Press.

Perhaps now, realizing yet another error in judgment, Mr. Boehner tried to shift the blame of impeachment talks on the Democratic Party. In a statement today, Boehner said that impeachment is a "scam", created by the Democrats to motivate their base to vote in the upcoming elections and to donate to their candidates. However, most Democratic leaders have previously stated that they take the impeachment talk seriously, and are working to counteract the efforts to destroy the President's success.

So again, Mr. Boehner has demonstrated his lack of good judgment and leadership ability. He has now backed himself into a dark corner, and is desperately searching for a way out. And, he has not only damaged his credibility, but also that of his fellow Republicans.

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