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"Impatient" extra turns for red in the future?

"Okay, you can travel through time, but put on this headdress first. For science."

The current era of design mandates paying attention to the more or less equitable distribution of different types of permanent and spell effects between the colors of mana. The days of red being relegated to burn and destruction and blue essentially hogging everything that could be construed as manipulative are growing more and more distant. But red in particular has a long way to go. There are, however, several possible effects red might get in its section in the color pie in the near future.

As tnessfftto suggested to Mark Rosewater on his Tumblr blog, "Can I revive the old idea that's been floated on this blog a bunch of times about red getting "temporary" extra turns (you skip your next regular turn or you lose the game if you don't manage to win with your extra turn)?" Mark responded:

Red had this spell in Mirage. It was called Final Fortune. We've talked about bringing back Final Fortune for red but so far we haven’t chosen to do it.

Final Fortune itself suffers the problem of a perverse incentive to play in an un-red way: The "lose the game" drawback means that it's likely that it'll be held onto until the second turn would mean an inevitable game win or an opponent would be able to kill you the following turn anyway. Still, this could be mitigated by upping the cost and changing the drawback to a less-insurmountable, "Skip your next turn after that one."

Audience response to the idea was all in all positive, with sna-kun writing, "I think it’d be good. No matter what, red being about speed seems to be the only thing that makes it on-par with the other colors when compared individually. That and the few-and-far high-efficiency cards," and goibon saying "winning the game on a 50/50 final fortune play was always damn satisfying."

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