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Imogen Heap's musical gloves Mi.Mu turn motion into music

Imogen Heap Wearing Her New Mi.Mu Glove
Imogen Heap Wearing Her New Mi.Mu Glove
Mi.Mu /

Imagine: making beautiful music only by moving your hands. It sounds unreal, but the Kickstarter project Mi.Mu Glove aims to do just that.

The Mi.Mu Glove is currently functioning as a wearable, usable prototype. Designed for the musician Imogen Heap, the glove actually allows the wearer to make music with simple hand motions. Play drums, change the pitch of your voice, add reverb, play notes, and more with just mere gestures.

"Imagine, for example, that instead of turning up a fader in order to bring in a sound or add reverb, you could be raising your arms to achieve the same effect. Or to move a sound around the room, you could simply point where you want it to be," says Mi.Mu Glove's Kickstarter page.

And it doesn't just stop there. On a BBC program, Imogen Heap showed off her new gloves, and the result is jaw dropping. The musical artist is literally able to perform a song with just the gloves and her voice, adding in beats, bass, and vocals, all while making hypnotic hand motions. It's truly every musician's dream.

Put out by the UK company Mi.Mu, these gloves are a work of technological genius.

"The gloves capture the movements and postures of your hands. Our software allows this information to be mapped to musical control messages which can then be easily routed to your favourite music software," states the Kickstarter page.

In a nutshell, the gloves map any sort of hand motion and send the info back to a computer via WiFi. The motions are then linked up to preset values, in this case musical notes or beats, and Boom! a song is born. There can be thousands of different mappable controls, making endless musical possibilities.

Currently, the Mi.Mu Glove still needs a decent amount of funding. With only a little over two weeks left on Kickstarter, the project needs around another £130,000, or almost $220,000 to be fully completed. While it is no small chunk of change, the amazing technology of these gloves will hopefully allow it the get the proper funding!

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