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Immunity quickie

Viral Love
Viral Love
Robbert van der Steeg

It is the one thing everyone dreads getting.... you wake up with a scratchy throat, post nasal drip, feeling tired and sore.... generally not feeling like dealing with the world or any part of humanity for that matter... Yes the influenza as it is notoriously known. So... you have it, what are you going to do about it?

A virus is one of the most insidious and intelligent pieces of code floating around the world currently.

Alright, it is time for the fastest article that this article-maker has ever written. This is going to be like a military drill for info. It is going to be swift and ever-so functional. Something you can take home to your mama and be like "Hey.... check this out -_^."... Yeah it doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense yet because it will.

The following is a fast-track boot camp on how to regain some traction when a cold has you down on all fours and it's beating you like you were the weakest link. Nobody likes being the weakest link so here's to making yourself stronger. The author despises.... well maybe not despises but once was very weak immune-wise in his past so he has learned a lot the hard way, so take it from him as he writes himself in 3rd, 2nd or whatever person this is.

So here's the strategy: Stay up all night, have lots of incredible se..... oh... sorry wrong article.

The Do's: Rest, hydrate with filtered water drunk from glass, consume probiotics of a high caliber (Inner Eco young coconut water kefir), consume superfoods like spirulina and chlorella, zinc yourself.

The Don'ts: Consume any sugar, dairy, processed foods especially carbohydrates (cereals and grains will only add fuel to the fire that is any infection), kiss anyone or any of that jazz who may be infected (yeah starting to sound like the beginning of a zombie novel).

Pretty much in this order above. This is an incredibly brief article just to quickly summarize the tactics and strategies of someone who is an expert at getting sick and therefore does not get near as sick near as often anymore due to the above awesome combo of greatness. Yes... professionalism has been only slightly replaced with a sort of.... personalism. Yeah, welcome to the authors true writing style. One must learn to diversify the articles in order to reach as many people with as much useful information as humanly possible, so this is the attempt that is being made here.

Yes ladies and gentlemen the above really is that simple to keep your immunity healthy provided you do not have special needs. It's the basics on steroids, so see the author's other articles on spirulina and chlorella to see why those two superfoods are the go-to for your revamped immune system.

As for more tips?.... Well, if you burn both ends of the candle than you must also do something about increasing adaptogenic herbs and superfoods into your habits... because without them you may find yourself in a gutter dying or something akin to that. Here is to hoping humor is not lost on all of you wonderful readers and here is to telling those very talented viruses to leave you alone altogether.

More on the front of regenerative medicine. Reversing age... something this author is obsessed with clearly, as images from the movie The Fountain flood his mind... but what if you could live hundreds if not thousands of years? Well, take a look at what scientists at Yale University are concocting currently in the field of reversing age. Just check out the Cell Cycle Speed Is Key To Making Aging Cells Young Again scientific article.

To get the best value in Boise Idaho visit the Boise Co-Op, Whole Foods or Natural Grocers to purchase your local and organic produce within the Treasure Valley. The following is more perspective to expand your mind. Here is one from our comrade Bruce Lee.

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”

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