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Immune function improves with calorie restriction

Calorie restriction is now shown to boost immunity in humans.
Calorie restriction is now shown to boost immunity in humans.
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Findings from researchers show that immune function improves for individuals who restrict calories in the diet. After just six months scientists were able to measure higher levels of immune boosting T-cells that fight infection as the result of calorie restriction of 10 to 30 percent in overweight (not obese) individuals.

Calorie restriction has been linked to a longer lifespan and to disease prevention. Given the role of immunity in fighting cancer, the new findings that calories restriction improves immunity may be significant.

Simin Nikbin Meydani, is director of the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts University in Boston, Mass., and also of the HNRCA's Nutritional Immunology Laboratory, lead study author found the impact of calorie restriction in 46 overweight volunteers aged 20 to 40 years who were required to consume either a 30-percent or 10-percent calorie-restricted diet for six months, also finding lower markers for inflammation using skin testing, a measurement of immune response in both groups.

The scientists believe the study is the first to show that calorie restriction raises immunity in humans. Finding ways to restrict calories could lead to a longer life, though no one knows for certain. Fewer calories in the diet is now shown to improve immune function in a first human study.

Change is needed for anyone focused on calorie restriction, now shown to improve immune function and possibly increase lifespan, in addition to aiding weight loss. Simple changes in environment can make calorie restriction more successful, found by Cornell University researchers. The result of the study shows that dietary calorie restriction can boost immunity after just three months. Check out Angela Gallo in Charlotte for healthy and nutritious eating tips.

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